How to make a statement with clashing prints and colours

The summer season is all about bold colour choices and custom-made prints. To keep on trend with these unexpected combinations, we are going to help you to clash prints and colours in your own unique way to really show off your personal style. Here are our tips for clashing with ease whilst still being chic.

Let one print or colour dominate

If you love this season’s bold and floral maxi dresses, the best thing you can do is clash them with another print or colour, such as a polka dot jacket or even something with a smaller floral print. Wearing opposite colours on the colour wheel will create a great clash that won’t be confusing to the eye.

Fabrics should be in the same colour family

If you want to clash prints together, try to keep them in the same colour family. The same goes for colour clashes – you want to opt for a colour that is opposite on the colour wheel. Try to stick to complementary hues with your prints; for example, if you want to wear animal print with floral designs, stick with colours in the black, cream and brown family. For colour clashing, try pairing orange with blue or green with purple.

Go for the same or completely opposite colours

Two different prints should be in the same colour family with the same background colour. Even if the prints clash, you should not try to clash colours at the same time. The same goes for colour clashing – either go for items in the same family as the colour, such as different shades of green, or completely opposite colours. For this season’s maxi dresses, visit retailers such as

Always add a neutral item

Even when clashing, you need a neutral item to bring your look together. With colours, go for a grey, white or black item of clothing with the bolder colours you want to clash. Stripes and plaids are considered neutral when it comes to prints, so these can be the base for your outfit.

Mix solids and prints together

Single tone tops and bold patterned bottoms look amazing together, so why not do the ultimate clash and bring a solid colour and a bold print together in one outstanding look?

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