Styling Tips for Rectangular Body Shape Girls

Isn’t it weird to evaluate our body in piece of fruit or geometric shapes? Technically speaking, it is not. We characterized body shape into triangle, pear, and apple. It is important to know your exact body shape because it helps you in shopping the right outfits for your body that makes your appearance sexy and spotless. In this post, we are going to discuss rectangular body shape and how to dress and style this type of body. Rectangular body shape is considered as the slim body because there is not a big difference in the size of hips, waist, and torso. It is an ideal body shape and you are lucky if you are blessed with this type of figure. You can see Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Emily Blunt, and more for getting the right idea. You can buy the appropriate clothes according to your body type with the help of Lacoste promo code. Get this promotion from right now shop your favorite outfits. Let’s discuss some useful styling tips for the rectangular body shape.

Look for Flattering Outfits:

Flattering outfits are your savior because they look attractive and sexy on your figure. Don’t forget that you have not sexy assets to show off, so keep things minimalist and embrace those outfits that create whimsical touch on your figure. On the other hand, rectangular body is the easiest body figure to dress. To make your figure curvy, add a belt to make your figure prominent.

Try Every Type of Color:

Nearly every color and shade looks excellent on rectangular body. So, don’t be afraid to try different colors and patterns. Choose those outfits that feature cute embellishment, print or pattern. Go for flared A-line silhouettes like dresses, skirts, and bottoms. From light to bold hues, you can experiment different shades.

Top Outfits for Rectangular Body Shape:

  • Pilcro Railroad Chambray Blouse:

A chambray shirt is a great piece for your rectangle body and creates a perfect illusion. This loose chambray shirt has button-front design, side patch pocket, and faded pattern. It looks good with white jean shorts and beautiful loafers. Get this shirt at nominal rate with the utilization of lacoste promo code available at

  • High Rise Flare Sloan Pant:

A black boot-cut pant is the ideal choice, whether you have a rectangle figure or not. This flared pant has high rise cut and defines your legs by elongating your shape. It is black in color and available in other beautiful shades. It is suitable for wearing on daily basis and goes with almost everything.

  • DVF Eloise Midi Dress:

This wrap dress with cinched waist defines your figure and class. This midi dress has fitted bodice and flowy bottom with high-low hemline. It is a stunning dress for summer affairs and looks remarkable with silver heels and jewelry. Buy this dress at lower cost with the exploitation of lacoste promo code. Users can collect this phenomenal deal from right now.

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