Why You Should Be Wearing Riding Hats To Protect Your Child’s Eyes

There is no doubt that when you’re out riding your horse, you and your child are likely spending a lot of time outdoors. But while being outside provides many benefits, it can also be dangerous if not done properly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the dangers that can befall your child when they’re riding in the car or on a bike, and how to protect them by wearing a riding hat.

Riding hats protect your child’s eyes from the sun and wind

Riding hats protect your child’s eyes from the sun and wind. When you are riding in the sun, you should wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your child’s eyes. You can also buy a riding hat with a visor that will protect your child’s eyes from the wind. If you are going to be riding for a long time, bring a sunhat or sunglasses for your child as well.

Benefits of wearing a riding hat

When you buy a Childrens Riding Hats for your child, you’re not only providing them with a stylish accessory, you’re also doing your part in protecting their eyes. Here are the benefits of wearing a riding hat: Riding hats protect your child’s eyes from UV rays. A riding hat blocks out 97% of UV radiation, which is more than enough protection to keep your child’s eyes healthy and SAFE! Riding hats help keep your child’s head cool. The mesh panels on many riding hats allow airflow and dissipate heat, helping to keep your child’s head cool and comfortable on hot days. Riding hats protect your child’s hair. Many riding hats have a built-in sun visor that covers your child’s hair and scalp, protecting them from the sun while they’re out on the trail.

How to choose the right riding hat for your child

Many parents are not aware that riding hats can protect their children’s eyes from the sun. Riding hats come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes to fit most children. There are also many different materials used to make these hats, including cotton, polyester and felt. To choose the right riding hat for your child, take into account his or her head size, hair style and skin color. You may also want to choose a hat that has a brim or projection so it covers the child’s forehead. Childrens Riding Hats made of felt or other soft materials are generally more comfortable to wear than those made of hard materials such as nylon. When purchasing a riding hat for your child, be sure to find one that is rated for sun protection. Be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing the hat so you know how much protection it offers.


Wearing a riding hat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your child’s eyes while they are riding a bike. By doing so, you’ll help reduce the risk of eye injuries, which can be serious and costly. Not only that, but you’ll also be helping to teach your child about responsible cycling behavior.

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